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About Hemp Clothing Australia

About Hemp Clothing Australia

Hemp Clothing Australia (HCA) is an official hemp clothing and textiles production company based in Australia. You can find our core label 'Hemp Clothing Australia' in a growing number of physical retail stores and online stores. We connect the world's best hemp farmers and vertically integrated manufacturers to create amazing hemp clothing.

All of Hemp Clothing Australia's core operations are based in Australia while our manufacturing capabilities are global. We are proud to offer both Australian made and internationally made products through our bespoke manufacturing service. We make sure that each factory responsible for each production is the best at what they do and operate ethically in all areas.

A huge focus for us is supporting local retail stores so for direct public sales you can already head to one of our independent stockists found on our stockists list which is growing rapidly. We are also setting up an online store which will be coming soon so stay tuned for that.

For all enquiries, booking and feedback get in touch with a Hemp Clothing Australia representative via our contact page.

Hemp Clothing Australia services wholesale, retail, tender and contracted work all under one roof. You will know our garments by their clearly identifiable swing tags:

Look for the Hemp Clothing Australia swing tags - this stamp of approval means that our garments are sourced from sustainable hemp farms which use little to no pesticides and require minimal water. The benefits of cultivating hemp extend beyond farming, including combating micro-plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans.

Every HCA garment sold helps prevent waste, pollution and landfill by being fully bio-degradable while also creating and maintaining clean industry jobs. Your support of HCA helps fund our direct work with government, industry and no-profit groups to legalise and prioritise hemp cultivation. Thank you for being part of the movement.

Hemp Clothing Australia

- Australian Owned
- Australian Designed
- Globally available - we can ship anywhere in the world
- Slow Fashion orientated (fast fashion is not sustainable)
- conscious of job security
- workers rights
- workers and consumers health and safety
- aiming for a better, healthier and happier future for everyone

Environmental Focus at Hemp Clothing Australia
- Directly working on repairing the environment, not destroying it
- Directly involved with government guidance on policy reform, ensuring better environmental outcomes, manufacturing practices and increasing opportunities to cultivate hemp
- Research and Development into the many benefits of hemp for public health and environmental stability

Public awareness and Education
- Content creation specifically orientated around the vision for the future of hemp based products
- Speaking capabilities for large events (bookings are available)
- Promoting more Fabric and textile knowledge for the masses to make better informed choices around how we clothe ourselves in day to day settings
- Better understanding of global production methods
- Identifying the disinformation campaigns spread to the public about hemp and cannabis and making sure this never happens again
- Identifying the ridiculous reasons why hemp was dragged into the failed war on drugs and an eight decade propaganda battle
- Identifying politically charged debates that overlook facts
- Educating the public about corporate responsibility, awareness and the ethics of sustainable business practice

Product range and Lookbook access
- each time we land new products we like to photograph them clearly and let you take a look
- we do not operate around the fast fashion timetable of Summer / Autumn / Winter / Spring collections, we prefer to make timeless pieces with hemp which insulates better than inferior fabrics meaning it naturally adapts to all seasons.
- we believe there is a more sustainable way to head for the entire clothing industry
- we know for a fact we can save the planet a lot of harm
- we know for a fact we can save the public, private sector and governments a lot of money and resources by switching to more durable garments that last longer
- Hemp wears in not out - by this we mean hemp garments age better than other fabrics that you may be used to.

For the above reasons and many more, we highly encourage you to try us out!