100% Hemp Bed Linen / Duvet Cover

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Online exclusive.

Luxurious 100% hemp bed linen.

All our bedding is pure hemp no blends. Pure hemp provides the best natural bed linen for quality, comfort and durability.

1x duvet cover.

Inner fold and button closure ensures your quilt remains securely within the cover.

Softer and more durable compared to cotton or flax linen bedding.

Mix and match pieces or colours — see our fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases. Save on the total price when you purchase a full set.

Available in Olive and White.

Standard Australian Double, Queen and King sizing.

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The highest quality sleep starts with natural hemp bedding…

Our 100% hemp is luxuriously soft and highly durable — your bedding will wear in, not out; becoming softer and more luxurious over time, lasting you years to come.

Highly breathable and insulating — you'll be kept warm in winter and cool in summer. One sheet set perfect for all seasons.

Hemp has natural anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties. It’s excellent for allergies or skin conditions, and ensures a more hygienic sleep. This also means less washing, saving time and water.

Hemp has a natural resistance to mould and mildew — ideal for humid climates.

Hemp is easy to care for  — hemp is machine washable and fast drying. Less time doing laundry, more time sleeping!