Hemp can help save our forests

Deforestation is increasing across the planet at an alarming rate. Research suggests that the rate of deforestation is equivalent to a loss of approximately 48 football fields every minute, adding up to an area equivalent to the size of Italy each year (Global Forest Watch, 2017).⁣

Hemp can easily replace trees as the source of raw material for wood and paper. One acre of hemp can produce as much paper annually as four acres of trees. This means that instead of cutting down forests, we can plant hemp.⁣

While trees take years to grow, hemp is highly renewable with crops maturing in as little as 12 weeks, allowing up to 3 rotations a year harvested from the same land. With upwards of 50,000 uses for hemp, we can also use it to cut back on our unsustainable dependence on mass agriculture.⁣

Transitioning to hemp will help save our forests, and ultimately our planet. ⁣

Save trees, plant hemp. 🌱 #hemprevolution


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