Natural Dye Hemp T-Shirt / Oak Gall

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This unique piece is naturally dyed and hand-painted with Oak Gall and Iron.

Each t-shirt is one-of-a-kind and limited to only one piece.

Size 2XL.

Hand-dyed on our Hemp Clothing Australia men’s Classic T-shirt.

Composition: 55% hemp / 45% organic cotton

Artist’s comments: “I use rusty nails and vinegar to create an iron solution. This is thickened with guar gum and then hand painted on the shirt. Let it dry. Dip it in hot water and wheatbran. Wheatbran is high in special power (phosphate). Fixes the iron to the shirt fibre. Next I grind up oak galls. And pop those in hot water. When the shirt is dipped in the gall water the special powers (tannins) in the galls react with the special powers (minerals) in the iron to make black. Magic art science!”

Care instructions: Gentle cold machine or hand wash. Dry in shade to extend colour life. For any garments with iron, be careful to avoid lemon juice and vinegar which will bleach the colour. 

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